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Many a meal was made on oyster mushrooms from Hoosier woodlands.

Living Afield - Michigan Edible Mushroom Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) _- we have in Illinois also.

Botanical Sculptures Made from Recycled Paper by Artist Kate Kato

Botanical Sculptures Made From Recycled Paper by Artist Kate Kato

Crazy Life-like Mushrooms Sculpted Entirely From Recycling by artist Kate Kato (aka Kasasagi)

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Digital Photography - Photographing Wild Mushrooms Toadstools and Fungi With a DSLR Digital Camera

Hen of the Woods grow at the base of oak trees. These mushrooms are beloved by the Japanese as maitake; they also happen to be my personal favorite. They grow in large, dull brown clumps (as a polypore or bracket fungus) that look like the back of a brown hen’s ruffled feathers. The mushroom caps are attached to each other by short white stems. These mushrooms can grow to be several pounds and more than 2 feet wide. On the east coast they appear in September and October.

All About Wild Mushrooms