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My first edit free to use keep credit to me

I love my family on this app (read comments)

People!! Guess what?! My best friend got me to throw my blades away, but it wasn't just her. Some of you helped too, along with my bands that have been there the whole time.

If anyone wants to be on this board comment down below and I can add you thx. If you have questions about Leaning Hills comment below.

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HELLO Does anyone have a roleplay board that I can join? Preferably active, whatever fandom works, or if it's just a normal RP board, that's fine too!

Ok for this board there have been a lot of pics of me and Bradley S. Perry and not alot know this but we broke up many months ago...its only been released in a few magazines so its ok if you didnt know but please stop pinning pics of us, hes a good person but we are no longer a couple. XOXO

Hey guys, just wanted to let those of you I have a rp with that I will be gone for about a day, I'll be on a little tomorrow or Friday, and I won't be on at all Saturday, and I won't be on till later Sunday (East Coast Time btw)

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((Yo ~What's up ,I made a vocaloid rp board ,if anyone wants to join ~! XD ~just comment down below ))

Sooooo..... I was wondering if any of ya'll writers out there would like me to edit pics/ help with the editing/book cover help. Comment below if you're interested!!

You could use these sweet backgrounds (23 photos)

I found a normal photo of this picture (Check my board) and decided to add a really pale pink filter to match my rose gold phone.

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Comment if you are at Maddie,Mackenzie and Kendalls meet and greet if you are tell me where you are so we can meet if you would like to? //read below sign Credit @jimbojacksonjr

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