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A chandelier dangles from its wires in front of the opening that housed the grand staircase, and the inside of Titanic’s hull. (Walt Disney Pictures)

The Promenade Lights from a submersible penetrate the rusted ruin of Titanic’s first-class promenade

Madaline Astor, Wife of John Jacob Astor. She was with child during the incident but She survived the disaster to deliver a healthy child.

The port side of the bow section of the Titanic is shown. The rip in the hull can be seen clearly at right, with the stern coming to rest several thousand feet away. The small rectangular windows admit light into the Titanic's famous suites, while the square windows on the left mark the "Private Promenade" reserved for exclusive use of those booking the best shipboard accommodations in the world. (RMS Titanic Inc./AP Photo)..

Deck Bench from the Titanic: The remains of a bronze deck bench lies among the wreckage of the Titanic. (Photo Credit: Ralph White/CORBIS)

As the centenary of the Titanic disaster approaches and with a gripping drama on ITV, we present a cut-away guide to the ship

Photo of windows of stateroom W and U from first class cabins from Titanic wreck (credit: AP)