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This mantis has great camouflage.

This mantis has great camouflage.

moss walking stick 1

"Nature" never fails to amaze some people. No wonder! A stick insect, known as the Mossy Walking-stick (Trychopeplus laciniatus).

lots of colors - The typical orb-weaver spiders (family Araneidae) are the most common group of builders of spiral wheel-shaped webs often found in gardens, fields and forests. Their common name is taken from the round shape of this typical web, and the taxon was formerly also referred to as the Orbiculariae. (interesting creatures)

COLOR - primary colors of spider; Pretty, but keep it away from me!-) Colorful spider by Jäger & Sammler

Idolomantis diabolica aka Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis | The Dancing Rest http://thedancingrest.com/2015/03/11/idolomantis-diabolica-aka-devils-flower-mantis-or-giant-devils-flower-mantis/

Idolomantis diabolica aka Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis

Tibicen dorsatus

This picture of a Bush Cicada (Tibicen dorsatus, formerly T. dorsata) was taken in Oklahoma by Vic Fazio

Lynx Spider.

A Peucetia female, showing the eye pattern and the "flat-faced" appearance typical of the Oxyopidae. In this species the leg bristles are on.

Ant drinking, macro photo

From: Pertetual Inspiration, please visit - All Animals and Birds put-head-down to drink water, what a Design!, - That all animals and birds has to prostrate to drink water.

Nursery web spider

Nursery web spider

Lichen Katydid, Markia Hystrix spotted by Luz Piedad Curran-Gartner in Colombia

IT'S AN INSECT! Lichen Katydid (Markia Hystrix) by Reza Hashemizadeh, projectnoal: Amazing camouflage! Not a mushroom or fungus, or lichen but I thought you would enjoy this little guy.

for the faeries ❧ ladybug on white bell flowers

Beautiful photo of a ladybug wet with dew. Ladybugs are an incredibly helpful insect in the garden.