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SEBASTIAN STAN (Vampiric look)

Character: James (Bucky) Barnes / Age: 18 / Grade: Senior / Random fact: I've always wanted to join the army since I was a kid. Gonna join up next year!

Wow... Just when you think he can't get any more hilarious. Ta-da!

Sebastian Stan's favorite emoji looks identical to my reaction of seeing him in general!

...I couldn't stop myself pinning it... AAAHHHHH.

That's the smile I imagine the Winter Soldier smiling when he tries hard enough to accomplish one. <-- It's also the smile that makes the fangirls slowly, slowly break down into tears

Sebastian Stan  My goodness the amount of pictures I have this beautiful man on my board is crazy! I'm just hardcore crushing *sighs*

sniper sergeant james bucky barnes >>> I love how he glances over to double check on Steve in this scene.