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What NOT to do on Valentine's ...


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Purritos (Kitten Burritos)

Funny pictures about The Best Kind Of Burritos. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Kind Of Burritos. Also, The Best Kind Of Burritos photos.

The Tao Of Colonel Meow

Don't let him fool you! Even a hug won't stop Colonel Meow from frowning. to me he looks like the Grinch

"I am... ze HUNTER, I vill hunt ant keel all ze pigeons on ze lawn... BWAHAHAHA!!!"     ... German assassin kitty

the adorable snow-kitty

(73) Одноклассники

STORYBOARD: Tard the Grumpy Cat. Storyboard has a one-on-one with Grumpycat about Starbucks coffee cake, windows, and sleep.

I have no idea what I'm doing

Funny pictures about Webcam cat. Oh, and cool pics about Webcam cat. Also, Webcam cat photos.

I don't always have a lazy eye.. oh wait yes I do

The Burt Reynolds pose lol

Lion Cat (would love to credit the original photographer.  does anyone have the link?)

I'm back form doing the lion king wow my hair all my friend are going to think I'm a lion cool for me

Things That You Probably Didn't Know About Grumpy Cat... Hey, Grumpy Cat is from Arizona!  Go Grumpy Cat. ..

30 Things You Didnt Know About Grumpy Cat hahah! best thing ever!

aplacetolovedogs:  Adorable trio of fluffy puppies. The fluffiest Great Pyrenees ever!! Original Article

You'll pet the shit out of these crazy things because they're fat and fluffy and crazy and clearly MADE OF AWESOME

Fluffin sexy!!

Attack Of The Funny Animals Photos) - FunCage

this was too adorable not to repin! :) ..plus, I have an obsession with panda bears

How adorable :) Pandas are pretty good at rocking horses - Panda playing at children's playground. Not very good at slides.

No, I won't eat my beans and you can't make me. (Best ever collection of true animal rescue stories called Finding A Forever Home on Amazon.)

Sometimes even a grumpy kitty can bring a smile to your face. Just take a look at some of our cutest grumpy cat finds. Comments comments More Cute.

hahaha I can't help but laugh at these animals pictures! They kill me!

that face! Clearly plotting to kill whoever stuck his face in a lobster.

Gato peinado con personalidad

"While searching for MSU Bobcat pins, I found this . A BOBcat.