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Jamberry Nail Wrap Heating Times - You need to make sure you don't overheat or under heat your wraps to get the best application and longevity out of your wraps. You can find more helpful tips at jamsandscones.com or at www.facebook.com/jamsandscones

Jamberry Nail Wrap Heating Times - one of the most important parts of getting a great application is not over or under heating the wraps.

Are you tired of always having to use the tape method to trim your Jams every time you apply them? Create your own Jamberry Nail Template! You will measure & cut once then save the template for all your Jamicures! Visit my FB page: Jams Rock with Gina or my blog: jamsrockwithgina.net for more tips & tricks!

Not all nails are created equal and trimming your nail wraps to fit perfectly can be difficult at times so here's a way to make life easier by creating your own "Perfect Size" nail template. I hope you find it useful!

Did you know that there are different surfaces for Jamberry Nail wraps! There is also Metallic ! :) https://christinevelazquez.jamberry.com/

We have a nail wrap finish to fit every style! Whether you prefer just a 'tint' of color, or if you're a 'glimmer' girl, Jamberry Nails has just what you're looking for! Comment with your finish style below!