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FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S aa los freddy's

Lol vincent << even autocorrect knows who you truly are, the police are on thier way, i suggest yo- RUN VINNY RUN!>>>> just so you know I won't leave the fandom for a while k? Comment if you're staying too please!!!

Great... Now Foxy sings Pentatonix covers too :P I'M ON ME WAY! I'M ON ME WAY! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I'LL BE RUNNIN' RUNNIN' RUNNIN' AND I'M ON ME WAY! OHhhhhhh!

Now where's the father??? Or is the illuminati? Phone guy is a phone and a phone has 9 numbers, and There are 2 phone guys so there are 2 telephone guys there are 9 letters in illuminati there is 1 eye in the illuminati so phone guys=illuminati confirmed

Sorry for the language but this is really funny XD

XD XD XD This is absolutely perfect. I've been looking for this for ages!

21 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time


Fnaf animatronics shaming... XD

omg XD << if i was the pac-guard, i d be dead

Mangle sent me post cards *sad violen music comes on* But I'm Mangle XD ~Mangle