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Midnight • Clydesdale • Adult • Female • Extra Large • Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue • Haddam Neck, CT

Adopt Midnight on

Midnight is an adoptable Clydesdale searching for a forever family near Haddam Neck, CT. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.

Kader Çiçek - Google+

Black with star (Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse Piccador Vaquero Charro)

Caballo (i don't know what that means..i didn't write it)

Amazing Horses Photos by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

We've seen animal photography here at Abduzeedo before, but only a few are as stunning as these pictures of horses by photographer Wojtek Kwiatkowski. The beauty of these really fit the strength of these beautiful animals.

Gorgeous horse under an autumn red tree.

Beautiful Chestnut horse with white socks and a long blonde mane standing under an autumn tree with leaves falling. Mystic is her name. Such a pretty horse.

What kind of horse are you? #equineconnection #horsinaround

Quiz:+What+Breed+of+Horse+are+You? Hahaha turns out I'm a Clydesdale the perfect kinda horse>>>>I got a Shetland pony


I love horses and have never been horse back riding. I did a book report on horses when I was in elementary school and have loved horses ever since.

This is Molly...a survivor of Hurricane Katrina....Love this little horse, now she is a therapy horse! God Bless her !! ~ jd

Molly, the Horse with a Prosthetic Leg (Hurricane Katrina survivor). Lost her leg when attacked by a pit bull. She is now a therapy horse.

Sooo coool!!!

Wild horses sparring by Vedran Vidak Photography. (I think they mean Wild Horses Fist Bumping.) <------ That, sir, is called a brohoof.

simply beautiful horse

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats. The most beautiful horse I've ever seen!

thehorselifestyle:  http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/originals/d7/a1/ca/d7a1caa47642903461cd860756b1435f.jpg

Country harness carriage draft horse Gyspy Vanner belgian cob shire hafflinger fjord clydesdales pinto by katy