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30 Weird But Genius Amazon Products Trending Right Now

30 Weird (But Useful) Items Trending Now On Amazon

30 Weird But Genius Amazon Products Trending Right Now

Pivot Doors

Our Pivot doors are designed to accommodate oversized openings by utilizing a high quality concealed floor closer.

A self-adhesive chalkboard that comes in the form of a 18" x 6" roll. Perfect for labelling stuff, leaving messages, creating art and more. http://www.walletburn.com/Chalkboard-In-A-Roll_1001.html  $7 #crafts

Chalkboard-In-A-Roll • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Turn your child's drawing into a unique stuffed animal! http://www.walletburn.com/Budsies_641.html

Budsies • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Outdoor firepit

Fire Pit Table by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture.this is definitely going on my list!

A blank cookbook designed to be filled in by you and your family, with room for over 80 homemade recipes. Price is around $25. http://www.walletburn.com/My-Family-Cookbook_949.html #family #cooking

My-Family-Cookbook • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Salt gun designed to obliterate insects without causing any splatter: http://www.walletburn.com/Bug-A-Salt_613.html

Bug-A-Salt • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Bug-A-Salt: shoot pesky flies with a pinch of table salt - Boing Boing

Extra large ice balls that keep drinks colder for longer. The mold costs $8.95, and lets you create two at once.

Holdster-Rivet-Mug • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Drinks stay colder for longer when equipped with one of these giant-sized ice balls. Mold makes two of the

Professor Sinister MoreToast

Professor Sinister MoreToast

The keyboard of the future has arrived: http://walletburn.com/Optimus-Popularis-Keyboard_1215.html #tech

Optimus-Popularis-Keyboard • Walletburn: Product Discovery

A TRANSFORMER, BUT NOT THAT KIND Compact, infinitely customizable keyboard 77 programmable keys, plus a function key for switching and a display bar Automatically switch between different layouts depending on the current OS language or active application

Want An Umbrella You Can Share With The Love Of Your Life?  ... see more at InventorSpot.com

Want An Umbrella You Can Share With The Love Of Your Life?

No more fighting for the most cover! The double umbrella makes walking in the rain easy.