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Give me one reason to wait for you and even though I have a thousand reasons to forget, I will wait.

Educar y corregir desde pequeños a los hijos para que de adultos sean nuestro orgullo. HAY QUE ESTAR CON ELLOS, sabes que…

"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults".

They separated. He went left, she went right. But they forgot one thing, this world is round.

"They separated. She took the left path. He, he went right. But they forgot something. The world, is round.

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"Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means…

Vive Simple. Sueña Grande. Da Gracias. Da Amor. Rie Mucho. #Frases :D

” Frases y Citas” ….Vive simple…

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We should always try to be better, but never believe you're the best. (and I add that we should be always learning) (añado que siempre debemos estar aprendiendo algo nuevo).

La felicidad es una decisión que tenemos que tomar todos los días

La Foto del Día: 26 de Diciembre

"Happiness is a decision that we have to take every day" - Pastor Andrés Corson

Motivation in Spanish/tenses  Must translate into Italian! Great idea!

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