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Tiger moth(Crocomela regia) photographed by Andreas Kay in Ecuador on 27th May 2014

Pupa of an urodid moth in its cocoon photographed by Andreas Kay in Ecuador

Silver-striped Hawk-moth (Hippotion celerio) photgraphed by Don Wilks on 29th July 2014. Also known as the Vine Hawk-moth

Daphnis nerii (formerly Deilephila nerii), known as the Oleander Hawk-moth Or Army Green Moth, is a moth of the Sphingidae family. Photographed by Helo Mu Mu

Monkey Moth (Eupterote lineosa, Eupterotidae) photographed by itchydogimages on 9th June 2014

Picture-winged Leaf Moth (Dysodia miniata, Thyrididae) photographed by John Horstman at Pu'er Yunnan China on 19th April 2014

Semioptila spatulipennis, a Long-tailed Burnet Moth photographed by Nigel Voaden at Sakania, Dem.Rep. Congo on 14th December 2014

Wavy Owl Moth (Calliodes pretiosissima) photographed by Bernard DuPont at Safari Tent N°7, Lower Sabie Camp, Kruger NP, S. Africa in January 2014