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Floraheal Brain Focus is an all natural herbal mix of three herbal ingredients: Ginseng, Mistletoe and Rosemary. Panax Ginseng is one of the most widely used types of Ginseng. It is mainly known for its adaptogenic properties, hence a powerful tonic that supports overall physical and mental health & vitality. Mistletoe is believed to reduce blood pressure. The company behind this product, Floraheal, claim that the product is designed to be highly efficient in improving memory and…

Metagenics Ceriva has been advertised as a dietary supplement that has the desired effect of sustaining the cognitive function the brain as well as memory as the years go by.

Metagenics GinkgoRose is presented asa dietary supplement that has been created in order to sustain healthy mental functions.

The Pain and Stress Management center Huperzine has been advertised as being a dietary supplement that aims to support brain health and help its users with conditions related to memory loss.

Power Organics Klamath Blue Green Algae is a dietary supplement based on the AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aqae) blue green algae. The product manufactured by Power Organics is advertised to be a powerful “brain food” which positively impact mental alertness and stamina, short and long term memory, dream recall, problem solving, creativity and a greater sense of well being.

Power Thought is advertised as a synergistic blend of highly advanced nutrients for cognitive enhancement benefits.

Healthy Aging combines vitamins with antioxidants and plant extracts to rejuvenate the body from inside out, improve the health of your heart, maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range and enhance memory powers. Some benefits marketed by the manufacturer Northstar Nutritionals are: recharging your brain's "batteries" to keep your mental energy flowing, promoting strong muscles and healthy coordination, supporting heart and arteries.

Healeo Brain and Memory Cx is a blend of herbal extracts created to increase attention level. This remedy is composed of botanical extracts such as Ginkgo and Bacopin. Ginkgo’s generally acknowledged health benefits include enhancement of blood flow and the ability to provide neuro-protection, thus its used as a brain and cognitive function remedy. Bacopin has its effectiveness in the treatment of memory loss and other bacopin benefits.

MemoRise is advertised as an herbal formula designed to support brain health and to reduce common age related memory loss and forgetfulness.

Memory Plus is marketed as a synergistic blend of herbs designed to promote overall brain function health and to prevent age related memory decline.