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Easter Decoration and Crafts- Egg Planters. Eggshells as planters. table setting for holidays, spring, easter.

Easter Bunny Canvas with Pom Pom Tail.

Easter Bunny Canvas

Put bunny stencil on a canvas, paint canvas blue, take off stencil, add white pompom tail and scrapbook paper banner! Good craft for kids

Christian Easter Decorations | Christian Easter decorating ideas

Best Easter Treats and Ideas

JESUS What a great decoration/centerpiece idea for Easter/Resurrection Sunday. The most important holiday of all.

Resurrection Garden leading up to Easter.  I am already a week late, but better late than never.  Thank you Tori for the idea. @Tori Sdao Long

Easter - Resurrection garden + tips on talking to kids about easte. So great, Avan is doing this in his class!

Rosemary Can Protect the Brain From Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

If you notice little gnats flying out of your potting soil every time you water your houseplants or container garden, you have a problem with fungus gnats. While these small bugs can seem .

Pretty centerpiece for Easter table

An Easter Egg Bowl Centerpiece pulls the entire table theme and is the focal point for Easter decorations. Add character to your Easter table with an Easter Egg Bowl Centerpiece.

Spray painted faux Easter egg craft decor tutorial - Debbiedoo's @micmanno

Spray painted faux Easter eggs

Spray painted faux Easter egg craft decor tutorial - Debbiedoo's I think you would like these!

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glass cloches to create lovely centerpieces and fantastic focal points in wedding decor. And it's no wonder why; bell jars will highlight whatever items they’re covering and will make the entire look magical. birds nests under glass with eggs and flowers

This time of year there are some pretty amazing craft-tastic ideas online and in magazines, making it entirely possible to devote days to creating museum-quality ova, but I prefer a less design-y and more rustic approach. After all, they're eggs you might be stashing somewhere in the lawn. And with a small child in the house, this is not a project likely to involve X-Acto knives and tiny electrical tape stencils. Easter is a reminder of fertility and abundance, so I say turn on nature&#39...

How To Make Vibrant, Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Purple Cabbage (makes blue on white eggs, green on brown eggs) Red Onion Skins (makes lavender or red) Yellow Onion Skins (makes orange on w.

SET:  SHEEP-shelf - a wall shelf  for storage of toilet paper rolls and  funny toilet roll holder - Lamb

Shelf and toilet paper holder - Sheep and Lamb - Sheep-shelf - a wall shelf for a of toilet paper rolls. This shelf allows you to place in an easy and joyful way an entire package of toilet paper rolls) on a wall, freeing up some pre.