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"I don't pay attention to politics." is one of the most ignorant statement a person can make. I you allow people in your government to commit crimes in your name without questioning their actions, you are just as GUILTY as they are.

Confessions Of A Conservative Soccermom: Homophobe, Racist, Sexist, Oppressive, Intolerant...

We The People.on being Patriots.Guilty as charged. We Speak Our Minds.Stand For God.The Bible.The Constitution.And We Stand With Israel.The Children of God.What do the liberals call us?

1.6% | Only 1.6% of US Citizens owned slaves in 1860, when slavery was at its PEAK. Yet that small 1.6% of rich plantation owners were able to convince the majority of southerners to fight a civil war for a cause that only reduced the value of their own labor and pay. Sound familiar?

white people are the only race you can legally discriminate

Understanding our basic human rights #humanrights #infographic

Understanding our basic human rights #humanrights #infographic

I loved Whitney, but our heroes who sacrificed deserve better than what they got!

Is he trying to goad us into rioting so he can call marshall law on us so that we will lose all of our freedoms?

Yea buddy!!

So true. Modern Day Republicans are neo-conservatives. Whatever happened to letting people live their lives the way the wanted to?

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Hypocrisy: Demanding that the government stay out of your bedroom and your womb while simultaneously demanding they pay for your birth control and abortions. - Yes, the government pays for abortion via Medicaid

They would all be prosecuted

A Good First Step To Fixing America would be to prosecute politicians who violate their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution of the United States of America.

Same in Australia, only we are being given permission by the government to take up bigotry and hate as arms.

Vote the selfish, greedy people out who care more about growing and maintaining wealth and power than in protecting the constitution rights of the people of this great country.


"Imagine If You Will".I loved The Twilight Zone.on TV! The sad truth is this is exactly where we are headed


Want to tell me about religion because I'm an atheist? I went to a good old fashioned Catholic school so I already know allllll about religion. That's why I'm an atheist.


Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a word. Patriotism is now a crime & lying is now the new truth So sad but true!