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Garage Storage for extension cords and etc..... also redesign and use for spray bottles

Build a rugged metal pipe to store cords, hoses, ropes and tools. You'll need three or x iron pipe threaded on both ends; two pipe nipples: two pipe fittings; two floor flanges; and several S-hooks.

Genius! I'll be making one of these soon. Ratchet Strap Organizer

Every time you throw a ratchet strap on the floorboard of the pickup, it instantly becomes hopelessly tangled. The problem increases exponetially by the number of straps on the floorboard. I finally got so sick of untagling my ratchet straps e.

Organizer Box Cabinet                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Organizer Box Cabinet - Build these to house all of the power tool boxes and fit under the workbench.

Finished sanding table

How to Build a DIY Downdraft Table

How to build a DIY Downdraft table for your shop. This sanding box will help eliminate dust while using your sander.

rack and shovel storage - Google Search

Genius idea for storing yard tools like shovels and rakes without having to buy one of those cheap plastic organizers that only take up more floor space.