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"You look pretty today!" Was I ugly yesterday? -- Who hasn't thought this response?

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Funny pictures about Frozen computer. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen computer. Also, Frozen computer.

The more I attempt NOT to say it, the more I say it.

The worst...

"every time I use the word "LIKE" as a filler, I hate myself a little bit more." I can't "LIKE" stop laughing!

You can pretty much make me go anywhere if you tell me that there will be free food

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

none of these comments about ever touch on the fact that the person holding the door may be doing it on purpose, just to see if you will run?

People who hold the door open for you when you're still 20 yards away, forcing you into an awkward jog of gratitude. Hate this shit

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Yes,yes we do! relatable post # 259 Our generation doesn't ring the doorbell.We text or call to say we're outside.

There was such satisfaction in slamming a flip phone... Oh.  It's so true.

Today's kids will never know the feeling of slamming your phone shut after an argument. Now all you can do is poke your screen in an angry rage

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LMAO It's happened to me! That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and think there's another step and you Hulk stomp the ground.

Isn't that how every hug is?

Who invented hugs? I mean the first hug would have been so awkward. "What are you doing, why are you holding me?" "Shhh just trust me.

Me: Holá! Spanish Guy: *speaks mad fast spanish* Me: Dude chill. Dora didn't teach me that yet!