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i dont think he's that attractive but his support of gay rights just made him 100x more to me

Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it! - The saddest part about this shirt is that it's "dudes marry dudes" why is it such a problem when it's two men, but nobody seems to have a problem when it's two women? hurts my heart!

Ernest Hemingway quote : I drink to make other people more interesting.

Not the cold Chinese food, but the rest...yes!

Not too crazy about the cold Chinese food but I guess don't knock it until you try it. Bucket list: nap on the beach under an umbrella.

Do your best

20 Of Our Favorite Beauty Quotes To Remember

New Years Resolution: Bobbi Brown Spread beauty. Do what you love. Love what you do. Keep it simple. Laugh out loud. Focus on the positive. Just breathe.

i got this from my sister. she's 15. why don't we all understand things so easily?

Don't like gay marriage? Don't like abortions? Don't like drugs? Don't like sex? Don't like your rights taken away?

#IceCream #Happiness

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, which is kinda the same thing.