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purple heron

purple heron

Thought of the little bird that wakes Cinderella up when I saw this ^_^ <3 …

Purple birdie was photo shopped its a white Clark's nutcracker

Beautiful Little Purple Bird

Vinaceous Rosefinch - Carpodacus Vinaceus, such a beautiful color

So beautiful!

A Lavender bird. That's not its name but that's what colour it is

I have never seen a purple crested owl--how cool is this??

Violet Owl - Beautiful, vibrant, and fascinating creature of nature.

Beautiful Purple Birds                                                                                                                                                      Más

Abid Ali - Google

A Cura Própria - Espirit book

purple starling - glorious, irridescent purples

Purple -- Violet-backed Starling (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster)

Purple and Green Beautiful Bird  - see one person sees a "purple and green beautiful bird" and another sees an ordinary starling. Same bird, different view.

Purple and Green Beautiful Bird

see one person sees a "purple and green beautiful bird" and another sees an ordinary starling.

Missing this song birds native chirp.. The colour is noice  noice  different. Special day 2moro...? U doin  any thang with birdyhairs..

Pompadour Cotinga (Xipholena punicea) found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia…

~~Eastern Phoebe-Sayornis phoebe, a flycatcher~~

~~Purple Martin ~ largest North American Swallow~~ Look, another BEAUTIFUL PURPLE bird. My favorite color. The birds wear it so well.

Little Pretty Purple Birdy

Little Pretty Purple Birdy Wow what a pretty bird

Purple Martin~  adult male! Our purple martins were much thinner. This may be just before he migrates. (they fatten up for the trip). They return to same nest area each year.

In some postings, this bird has been mistakenly identified as a Purple Martin. But, this is a Violet-backed Starling, not a Purple Martin.

Violet Fischer's Lovebird                                                                                                                                                                                 More

☆ (Srta-Pepis)

This lovebird is a violet fischer. No one seems to know exactly why we see so few purple birds, but some scientists believe it is because the color purple is the last color on the color spectrum!

Pretty purple bird. by Sarah Gadd, via Flickr

violet backed / amethyst starling

Blue jay - My winter friends, they brighten my yard and my spirits when everything else is brown. #(Excerpt)

Gorgeous bluejay in the snow. Amazing colours - blue, grey and white.

amazing colors captured picture perfectly!!! nature's palette of incredible artistic surprise!

Beautiful Purple Birds Wallpaper from Beautiful Birds. I wish I could tell you what type of birds these are. They are beautiful, vivid purple.