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Our ancestors believed that Nature is alive with spirits of every kind and disposition. Not so irrational a belief when you actually consider it with an open mind and heart.

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What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

Sirens hunting. one comes above the surface to entice the boy. slowly she will descend back into the water as her companions gradually surround him to make sure there is no escape when her song ends.

30 Mind Blowing Examples of Mermaid Art

I reach up to touch the fish in the sky. My friend sees me and rushes to the surface. (Open rp)

"Flexibility" Gently flow through the turbulence. Life has the ability to shape you. Bend. Don't Break. Magical Times Empowerment Cards #JodyBergsma #mermaid

themermaidstudio: venusmilk: Fairy tales of Hans Andersen (1908)illustrated by Helen Stratton The ground was strewn with the most delicate sand, but blue as the flames of sulphur. The whole atmosphere was of a peculiar blue tint that would have led you to believe you were hovering high up in the air, with the clouds above and below you, rather than standing at the bottom of the sea.