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Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. Donald Trump Quote

Fatigue - you may win the battle, but you can't win the war

Fatigue - you may win the battle, but you can't win the war.

Big man in a suit of armor... take that away an what are you?

Big man in a suit of armor... take that away an what are you?

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Paint filled water balloons perfect for a Summer Paint War! Filling the balloons with paint is easy, and you can even make your own liquid paint using just two ingredients! Wear white shirts- whoever is the least covered wins!(Fun for the whole family)

Were American Soldiers Compassionate during the Vietnam War?

“Don't ever go to war. Even if you win, the battle is never over inside you.” War was a huge theme and a part of the setting in this novel because it shapes several of the characters.

Read to Win the War: 13 Vintage Posters Promoting American Libraries

Cute Pet: School LIBRARY Poster © Enokson (Library Tech/Scanner. Alberta, Canada) via flickr. "Good BOOKS Will Satisfy Your Curiosity Too! Read More, Know More. Use Your School Library" Black cat reading book ... Give credit where due. If this la

Community Post: 17 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Best History Teacher

It reminded you that there have been so many ridiculous wars throughout the course of human history.

General Thought About War

This quote, while true, is pretty sad. A soldier is a pawn, and so is the guy shooting at him. They both probably will have families at home, and maybe children and even grandchildren. (Like my brother.) It's a bleak thing for a pawn to kill another pawn, when all either of them are doing is following orders. Greed, religion, prejudice, etc. are great at starting wars, but terrible for stopping them. Only the will to stop it will have any effect at all.

"And what you'll never know is the war I fought, with myself, to not give up on you. But even if you did, I'm certain you wouldn't understand it. Because that's what it is like inside when heart and mind are enemies. War. And one has to lose."