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<3 you have

One Direction - Diana.i truly love this song. basically it makes me cry every time

THIS IS ME WHEN I SEE HARRY CRYING. harry styles, hazza, harold, one direction, 1D spongebob and patrick, crying


Happy two year Anniversary One Direction! All of your Directioners love you! <3 xx

Phenominiall, brilliam, amazayn, extrodiharry, and fabulouis

Oh my god! I'm laughing my bum off! He was like "I was just letting you finish." ---im crying, i just cant help but to cry

Sesame Street: One Direction and Bert Sing the Alphabet. The Alphabet is my current favorite song ;


i believe these were the moves liam was referring to in that one interview

I dont like one direction, but can we take a moment to admire Niall's face. It just shows how down to earth he is and is not afraid to get silly, even in front of a camera!

One Direction

Okay guys idk bout you but im really not a fan of cheezy pop music so i just REALLY want an acoustic version of diana cause the songs just so sweet and perfect i just dont really like pop. SO PLEASE, DO AN ACOUSTIC VERSION.

get a proper job u dick

hahah zayn looks like hes rying to say something but everyone keeps talking infront of himXD.

I love this!

I got these quotes from the sun article about the interview this is part 1 they are staying