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The Woman: "My cat and me, this is where we like to be... Just sitting here, to watch and see." (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.)

Courtesy of "The Thinking Athiest" - Oh my gosh, it's so true! I still love the truth of it... Atheists do good for goodness sake.

LOL more like the WHOLE fandom. Dr Who, bands, and much other fandoms just stare at Harry Potter waiting for it to leave but it will ALWAYS stay.

Ben Horsley on

The British class system illustrated through dairy product advertising. Where's Morrisons? Thats what I want to know.

This Could Be The Sweetest Or The Most Bitter Marriage Proposal

I suppose it depends...If it were their copy of the book I wouldn't mind, but if it was my personal copy that I lent them under with the trust they would return my child safe and sound...I would probably murder them. No, I take that back--I'd definitely m

BUCKY IS NOT A VILLAIN!!!!!!!! GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE: ////HE WAS TOOOORTURED!!!!!!!!!!////// He wasn't a villain by choice.

POTUS back in the day!