Cary Grant's Style Evolution

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Cary Grant was such a gentlemen style dresser.

brown tweed houndstooth sportcoat with leather buttons, white button-down shirt, grey flannel cuffed trousers, dark brown penny loafers

Ginger Rogers & Cary Grant in Monkey Business 1952

Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant in Monkey Business ( I can't believe how handsome Cary Grant is, he could still rival any Hollywood hunk today!

cary grant

Now where is Cary to complete the look. A true icon and a very talented actor. He once said, "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant.Even I would like to be Cary Grant!

Cary Grant photographed by Leo Fuchs

There will never be another Cary Grant. Cary Grant: "Cary Grant, Cary Grant, everyone want's to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant". as reported

Cary Grant, Los Angeles 1978 2.jpg

Handsome even in old age.