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Driftwood Sea Shell Mobile, Beach Wind Chime, Sea Shell Chime, Sea Shell Decor

This lovely windchime of driftwood and sea shells could be hang inside or outside of your home. It looks great and it is well made.. Also it cold be great gift . Measurements L with hanger 110 cm W 33 cm Thank you for your time.

This could be part of a mobile run for chooks in a paddock to clean up! Would need moving each day to cover fresh space etc, and they would need a nice big enclosure at one end to dust bath and hang out, as well as a mobile coop. This could save the predator issue of a flock not in the home yard!

How To Build a Freestanding Divider Wall

#diy glitter keys - could be used as ornaments, or just decorations.. everything really is better with #glitter :)

Living Room Cha-cha-cha-changes

Living Room Cha-cha-cha-changes | Young House Love Let A Room Evolve .. could have pined a pic. I want you to go and than look, and look around. I can't pin their entire site. worth your time. Learn a design philsosophy I believe in. Avoid becoming overwhelmed, waste money, ..doing just about any thing making anywhere you live...HOME

Can drinking alcohol harm the child before the mother knows she is pregnant?

Can drinking alcohol harm the child before the mother knows she is pregnant? - ScienceDaily

Q. Did you remove all the battens / trim from your walls... and how did you patch it? A. Yes, we removed every bit of the mobile home trim that was on our walls, around doors, baseboards and anywhere else it was used. In some places it exposed large gaps that had to be filled before we could texturize our walls.