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張大千 -《紅荷圖》

Zhang Daqian (張大千, original name Zhang Yuan (張爰), was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century. 张大千 红荷图 by China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries

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JP: Chinese painting - Wang Zhou Jun - the of the legendary 4 great beauties of ancient China.

Wu Guanzhong (1919 –  2010) was widely recognized as one of the most important Chinese artists and founder of modern Chinese painting. His subjects, depicted in a style reminiscent of early 1900 Impressionism, were landscapes, waterscapes, architectures, fauna and flora of China.

The beauty of abstract form: Wu Guanzhong’s Ink Paintings and...

chinese art | Chinese Paintings. Chinese Bamboo Paintings at The Gallery of China

Chinese Bamboo Paintings at The Gallery of China. Traditional Chinese Bamboo paintings, Chinese culture, Chinese astrology, feng shui, Chinese symbolism and much

Chinese Plum Blossom, by Song Ping (Chinese)

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