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If a Braid and a Twist had a baby....

Great website for hair cuts/colors. Pin now, look later braid fishtail braids Hair cut. Aw I love this hairstyle!

i cant wait till my hair gets this long!!! ah!

Separate hair into 3 sections, per usual with a braid. Braid 2 of your 3 sections into small braids and leave your third section as is. Braid the 2 braids and the section you left out together loosely and secure with a hair tie.

fishtail braid <3

My mom used to braid my hair in this style when I was a little girl.it's called the herringbone braid.

i wish they showed how to do this!

love this hair Messy Top Knot Hair Tutorial pretty pin-tucked braid! day 18 of hair romance's 30 days of twist and pin hairstyles.

so pretty hair | Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

30 out of the ordinary beauty tricks. twist braid With a braids instead of twist? Hair Romance - 30 braids 30 days - th.

bobby pin bangs back in a poof...then pull back hair in high ponytail. on  the third twist pulling through stop half way and leave a bun.

Cute Messy Bun [bobby pin bangs back in a poof then pull back hair in high ponytail. On the third twist pull through, stop half way, and leave a bun. Long pieces of hair that are left, pull around the front and start pinning them down].

This unique style is perfect for those days when you just don't have the time or…

3 Simple Twists

Step By Step Tutorial for a Simple 3 Twists Hair Style - Perfect fix for bed head. I'm so trying this!

for short or thin hair. make multiple buns along nape of neck!

What's the best part about hair styling? You don't need to spend a penny on a sweet updo. Sure, you can hire a stylist, but for those of us who are our own stylists, you can twist and knot yourself into a perfect hairstyle.

I am pretty much a failure when it comes to doing anything other than straightening or curling my hair...but I bet I could handle this waterfall braid!

would love to try this and thn pull hair back into bun/chignon (Waterfall twist! Super easy, fast, and cute! Alot of compliments given on this!