Morning Dove Home Plan - Earnhardt Collection™ Schumacher Homes. Has a full length loft under half story roof.

Cute lil cabin idea -The Morning Dove- Schumacher Homes sq ft) Add a basement and it would be money for me!

Enesti Plans 2BD

Tiny Houses For Sale - Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses - Enesti Plans - 2 bedroom, 746 sq ft, or 3 bedroom, 874 sq ft

Circular floor plan. Totally awesome, but definitely BIGGER bedrooms pleassseee!!

4 bedroom plus study! Round floor plan for Cob or Yurt. Small enough but has everything.

Tiny House Blueprint | I Just Love Tiny Houses!

Perfect for senior living tiny home! I like this one - good storage/closets, nice complete kitchen, a little more elbow room than other tiny homes - about 20 x or 500 sq ft. (The concept is actually an apartment) expensive but one can dream right?

Building a tiny house with reclaimed materials.

Building and Living in a Tiny House: How We Survive and Thrive

Tiny house living has its joys and challenges, just like any living situation. Our family feels great joy being able to live in such a beautiful space that we created with our own hands.

cabin setup

By using a loft space for a ladder, this tiny home saves room. As a bonus, the ladder gives the idea of a wall, creating division of space.