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Campanula persicifolia 'Cornish Mist'. A pretty perennial, growing up to 1m, more normally 75cm.  Flowers in July.

A pretty perennial, growing up to more normally Flowers in July.

Support zucchini using an upside-down tomato cage.

Growing Zucchini in Small Spaces By simply using an inverted (aka upside-down) tomato cage, you can train your zucchini leaves to grow straight up! This leaves the bottom of the plant (where the zucchini's grow) open and makes it easy to see the fruit gr

Sweetheart Caladium Bulbs, shade.

"Absolutely the finest Caladium we know! 'Sweetheart' can take the summer sun in stride, growing with vigor to an unbelievably lush, compact 15 inches.this is an annual in my zone


Glowing Gardens not a huge fan of terrariums or clustered pendant lamps on their own, but combine the two ideas and on board! The 38 Series was developed from a technique where glass spheres are blown and then a multitude of cavities are in

IN LATE WINTER ‘YOU JUST TRY TO KEEP THEM BARELY ALIVE,’ Mobee Weinstein said the other day when we met [read more…]

growing fancy-leaf begonias, indoors and out

growing fancy-leaf begonias, indoors and out — A Way to Garden

Best Annual Flowers for Full Sun

12 Best Annual Flowers for a Sunny Site

Gardening is fun. Those vegetables freshly picked right from your garden whenever you need them are much much better than those you bought from your local grocery a week ago. Even better, some vegetables can regrow magically. You don’t really need any seeds. You can just save your kitchen scraps and plant them, and they …

13 Vegetables that you can grow again and again. No time or space for your own vegetable garden? No worries! You can still enjoy growing vegetables at home. There are some vegetables that you can regrow again and again from kitchen scraps


Creative gardening in small urban spaces. For larger yards.create small gardens and garden 'rooms' around the yard.