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Jeff “Joker” Moreau | Community Post: The Real-Life Actors Behind Mass Effect Characters


Documenting the known voice actors and models that go into making the characters that grace the trilogy of Mass Effect games.

Mass Effect Actors meme by postcardsandroses.deviantart.com on @deviantART some yes others no

Not bad picks actually. Mass Effect Actors Meme by crisurdiales on deviantART. Although I would rather have Seth Green then Ryan Reynolds.

Mass Effect by Red-Flare.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Same, mostly I couldn't get over the fact that he had the same voice actor as Carth Onasi, I hated that goodie two shoes dick noodle

The Voice Actors of Fallout 4

The Voice Actors of Fallout 4

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) - This is Mark Meer, the actual voice of Cmndr. Shepard.  He does this at Dragon*Con every year too.

Mark Meer cosplaying his character, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. We're happy to welcome him to MomoCon

The Attraction of Garrus by Brasc.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Something I put together after seeing so many FemSheps pairing up with everyone's favorite Turian. With the possible exception of the "Turian Councilor". The Attraction of Garrus

Mark Meer & Rana McAnear as their Mass Effect characters - at DragonCon, Photography by Soulfire.

Shepard (Mark Meer) & Samara (Rana McAnear) share a tender moment at DragonCon.

Brandon Keener - so handsome, and being the voice of #Garrus doesn't hurt!

Brandon Keener, Actor: Catch Me If You Can. Brandon Keener was born on October 1974 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA as Brandon James Keener. He is an actor, known for Catch Me If You Can Traffic and Galaxy Quest

I'm commander shepard ('s voice actress!!) and this is my favorite pin on the citadel. Jen Hale plays femshep!

Jennifer Hale, voice of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect games. She gives an excellent, nuanced performance as female Shepard in all three games.

Great video game quote by Grunt from Mass Effect. Voiced by the prolific voice actor, Steve Blum, Grunt is not a Krogan you want to get in the way of! Click through to see it on our Instagram!

Great video game quote by Grunt from Mass Effect. Voiced by the prolific voice…

Wait... Sub or dub or both?? Cuz i know alot of them in the dub to and in the sub.. But some of them dint sound.. Like it in english (or sometimes in the japanese)

I'm betting this is Japanese because Rin & Tamaki in english is Vic Mignogna and The ghoul guy is J. Micheal Tatum, But they're forgetting about Zero! Rin's japanese VA does Zero Kiryu's voice too!

Mass Effect 3 is due to arrive this March and looks to be a more intense game than the previous titles combined.

Mass Effect gameplay max settings high textures mod AMD Radeon .

This is hilarious for me as a Mass Effect fan b/c Iron Bull and James Vega have the same voice actor, the talented and very funny Freddie Prince Jr. ... ;-)

mad-maleficar: “drewdrawsstuff: “maltair: “freddie prince jr (iron bull’s voice actor) is publishing a cookbook B) no apron version ” If it was full of Iron Bull pictures cooking I would totally buy.