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and then ^sniff* and then that big nasty hyena LAUGHED at me!

LOVE COMES SO EASY - A rescued fox with his partner who is helping him recover.

Happy fox and his human friend…

Funny pictures about Happy fox and his human friend. Oh, and cool pics about Happy fox and his human friend. Also, Happy fox and his human friend.


Funny pictures about Satisfied Seal Of Approval. Oh, and cool pics about Satisfied Seal Of Approval. Also, Satisfied Seal Of Approval photos.

- A PIECE of TOAST - Friday, Friday, Friday! Good Old Friday!

Daily Awww: Baby animals are so cute right now (35 photos)

I want a baby zebra. I want a baby zebra. I want a baby zebra.

Fox Bat ~ The large flying fox is among the largest species of bat. It weighs (1.4–2.4 lb) and has a wingspan of up to (4 ft 11 in). As with all megabats, it has a fox-like face, hence its name. It lacks a tail and has pointed ears. The color and texture of the coat differ between sexes and age classes. Males tend to have slightly stiffer and thicker coats than females.

Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

"Flying fox" Pteropus are the largest bats in the world. Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes. Australia looks like a very interesting place to visit; so many odd things are down there.>>>>>>>>Talk about a mega-bat!


Funniest & Most hilarious Animals Pictures and Memes If you love your pets your gonna sure love these Funny pictures, sometimes your pets specially cats to random stupid things that are totally…


coiour-my-world: ““That night she dreamed of the deer. Strangely, the animal was holding her. She cuddled close into the soft fur and touched and kissed it gently. In the morning her pillow was wet with tears.” ― Julie Andrews Edwards Photography by.

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Adorable Animals in Winter Wonderland - horse and cat interspecies friendship (hva)

(via Raccoon Photograph by Bill Wakeley - Raccoon Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale)