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HowDoesShe help her kids earn money?

Great idea for helping kids earn money!

Kids Making Money (Red Chair Press). Grown-up people earn money in many different ways. But kids can earn too...

Lemonade Stand--My Talented nephew and his amazing wife combined skills and mad this amazing sweet shop so their daughter and her friend could earn money to support her fees for dance team--not a handout, just a helping hand. Great for kids to learn!

14 Creative Chore Charts for Kids

Those of you that know me, know that I'm all about child labor. It's so important to teach children the value of hard work these days. Can't wait for summer when I actually have time to enforce chores and helping again!

Make your own photo canvas prints to save money. #instagram photos are great for this!

Stretch Your Dollar: DIY Instagram Canvas Prints

Make your own photo canvas prints to save money. #instagram photos are great for this!

Talk to your kids about earning and saving money - it's never too early! There are lots of ways that children can be creative and earn pocket money. Check out "Make it Count" ( for ways to have the conversation! And here's a website with some cute printables for their very own lemonade stand this summer!

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lipstick Recipe and Tutorial from Oh So Pretty here. A video tutorial is also linked. Note: it is recommended to ONLY use CRAYOLA CRAYONS - not generic crayons made in China that may contain lead or who knows what. Really not sure about this - but how great would this be to make strange custom colored lipstick for Halloween?

This is an adorable hairstyle to go workout in because you have this cute braid and the loose messy bun. This is stylish cute and it's a lazy hairstyle