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당신이 처음 봤을 수도 있는 희귀동물들 50종 | 인스티즈

An adult male fossa (Crytoprocta ferox) prowls on the deciduous forest floor of the Kirindy Forest, western Madagascar

The fossa resembles a cat but is a member of the mongoose family.  A native of Madagascar, the endangered fossa enjoys a diet of lemurs and other critters.

Until recently scientists thought the fossa, with its feline features, was a primitive kind of cat. It’s actually one of the largest members of the mongoose family.

We have mannerly bears in Montana......from a campsite in Kalispell, Montana

Bears like to have picnics. And at these picnics, they like to sit at picnic tables. Sometimes, after a nice picnic, they'll sit at th.


Maned wolf from the Piaui State of northeastern Brazil. It is the tallest wild canid in the world standing over 4 feet at the shoulder. - Photograph Maned Wolf by Sean Crane on

This big island is famous for its lemurs, but another set of odd animals deserves some attention.

Meet the euplerids, the strange carnivores of Madagascar

The Fossa is the top predator on the island of Madagascar.