Everyone is not perfect. They are human and that's makes you love them even more. They are different but relatable. Still the most amazing show I have ever watched.

Sherlock, John, and Mary looks like sociopath, captain, and liar in the shadow of their names

Sherlock BBC: "Once upon a time there was a boy who the devil wanted to destroy, but the boy was clever and his mind quick, he could see through the devil's trick.

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you was the best and the wisest man that I've ever know.and yes of course I forgive you This from the scene where Sherlock scares john to death 😘😘😘

Let's test your powers of observation!

How Well Do You Know Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock?

That's a good looking poster, especially for fan work. Sherlock poster, London in the Fog- Cumberbatch being mysterious // 11 x 17 Print on Etsy,

25 Days of Sherlock: Day 3 Favorite John quote! This was my runner-up :)

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John Watson<-----Wow, this artwork with the quote is soooo beautiful.yet so sad.

Sherlock Series 3 Episode 3 - His Last Vow #MoriartyLives

"All hail the king! Sherlock Series 3 Episode 3 - His Last Vow -Other Pinner Me: This was what I said in season 2 episode 3 The Fall. I kneewww Moriarty was not dead. (Even if he actually is dead, he is NOT dead to me!