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ruined hipster posts make me happy<< there are billion people in the world to

Little hungry I suppose - Imgur

Little hungry I suppose

When people replace cheesy quote pictures with things about food. YES. Get it right people.

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and i want to see you. when i open my eyes again - it would be easier if you weren't looking at the wall

I love ruined hipster posts :)

This is not a fail. I repeat this is not a fail. Stay out of the water and breath in the ocean smell. Do not breath when you are under water then that meme dude would be right.

Hipsters will hate me forever (Part III)

Hipsters will hate me forever (Part III)

dont know anything about hipsters but this is funny! Hipsters will hate me forever (Part III)

I was giggling until the last one. And then I DIED.  Allow me to hipster-edit myself by saying, "Then how are you typing this?"

Hipsters will hate me forever