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1930, Johnny Weissmuller by George Hoyningen-Huene

Hoyningen-Huene, Man in Molitor Bathing Suit, Portrait of Johnny Weissmuller (tarzan)

Buster Crabbe (far left) and Johnny Weissmuller (far right), Olympic swimmers, 1928. Both later were Tarzan actors.

Olympic swimsuits, 1928 Male swimmers continued to wear speed-resistant one-pieces at the 1928 games in Amsterdam, although the suits began to more clearly take on the shape of what later became known as swim trunks.

Bradley Bathing suits with Louise Brooks, Dorothy Dwan, Nick Stewart and Dorothy Gulliver

Louise Brooks and Bradley Swimwear.Advertisers will sometimes use film stars to promote their products. Celebrity endorsement is nothing new. This ad for Bradley swimsuits features Louise Brooks, Dorothy Dwan, Nick Stuart and Dorothy Gulliver.

Archival Swim Club

Dee Why senior R team after winning the 1951 Australian Championships / Australian National Maritime Museum

Sam Wagstaff by Mapplethorpe

Sam Wagstaff by Mapplethorpe