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Gilmore Girls - In the continued story in my head, Rory ends up with Jess after she becomes a successful international journalist and he's a moody, but critically acclaimed, independent novelist.

Gilmore Girls / Las Chicas Gilmore - moonlessheart

Bond girls-- I know, some of them are forgettable and they don't always portray nuclear physicists! They're important to the franchise, though.

A Visual History Of The Bond Girls

Girls of James Bond Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Entertainment, Movies category. Check out Girls of James Bond now!

meme cuando te metes a bañar con agua fría

20 Imágenes con las que todas las chicas se identificarán automáticamente. Parte II

TV moms (like your real mom) have given us very good advice over the years. #MDW http://hellogiggles.com/life-lessons-tv-moms-love/

Life-Changing Quotes From Our Favorite TV Moms

69 Fabulous Lorelai Gilmore Quotes That Show Why She's The Greatest I hope to be as cool of a mom as she!