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There is no doubt that the ring of Kerry is beautiful, but we prefer the Dingle Peninsula - less crowded, no tour buses, and charm as thick as the accents of the residents. Don't go for the day - plan on two or three or you'll miss it!

Strand Street, Dingle, Ireland - friends own the blue pub on the end, John Benny Moriarty's :)

This video is an interview with the books author, Stieg Larsson.  It starts out by giving a background on how popular the book was, and how Larsson didn't live to see the popularity.  It also talks about how certain aspects of the book were linked to aspects in Steig's life.  There was also confirmation of an "unpublished manuscript" of a fourth book, of Larsson's hoped ten book series.  The story of Larsson's life is almost a novel itself.

Erin Moriarty traveled to Stockholm, Sweeden to tell the story of author and journalist Steig Larsson - the man behind "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

SN Travel and Arts without Borders: BLOOD FATHER (Directed by Jean-François Richet) ***

Mel Gibson Is Back in Action Thriller Film “Blood Father” First Trailer / Mel Gibson主演、最新アクション映画「Blood Father」予告編公開

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Sunset Yukon Territory Canada Where in the Yukon, though? Most mountains in the Yukon don't look like those.

the stars you're wishing on are crashing and falling

the-science-llama: “ Comet Panstarrs – Seen from Queenstown, New Zealand (March Credit – Minoru Yoneto ”

Jules Gabriel Verne, Feb. 1828 - March 1905.   Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before air travel and practical submarines were invented, and before practical means of space travel had been devised. What a surprise he'll see.

Jules Verne Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story and video