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Roman roads, together with Roman aqueducts and the vast standing Roman army, constituted the three most impressive features of the Roman Empire. In Britain, as in their other provinces, the Romans constructed a comprehensive network of paved trunk roads (i.e. surfaced highways) during their nearly four centuries of occupation (43 - 410 AD).

Roman campaign - map shows the route the many incursions into British territories over the decades the Romans attempted to subdue the British.

This is a map showing the Roman Empire at its greatest extent. This was reached in the year 117CE under the emperor Trajan.

Mosaics of Roman Britain: Venus. Bignor Roman Villa, Sussex. This mosaic, recognised as one of the finest in Britain, is usually identified as Venus, although it may have been the head of a mere mortal, perhaps based on the lady of the house. The image is flanked by long-tailed birds and winged cupids dressed as gladiators.

Up in the @ROMToronto Ancient Rome department they call this the “Legolas Armour”. Because only he could fit in it.