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Today Me, Tomorrow You: Rome's Sculptural Skeletons | Atlas Obscura

Today Me, Tomorrow You: Rome's Sculptural Skeletons

Santa Maria del Popolo, tomb of Giovanni Battista Gisleni, made for himself prior to his death in 1672 (photograph by Elizabeth Harper)

My kind of paper doll!  Sussidi didattici: Atlante corpo umano.

This vintage Italian human anatomy atlas makes very dapper paper dolls.

♡♡♡♡♡A Moment for the Selk'Nam | Hint Fashion Magazine

The Lost Tribes Of Tierra Del Fuego: Rare And Haunting Photos Of Selk’nam People Posing With Their Traditional Body-Painting. One of the last such ceremonies was performed in 1920 and recorded by the missionary, Martin Gusinde.

Fish, birds, mammals, reptiles -- they're all here. Sadly, they're only memories, and we'll never see them out in the world. We've lost a lot of strange, beautiful creatures in just the last century.

Here's Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years


EMU MAN performs TOTEM MAGIC for EDIBLE BULBS with a head-dress representing the sacred totem of his group. This man is working magic that is to make emus abundant for the hunters of his tribe.

Wilhelm Braune

"An Atlas of Topographical Anatomy after Plane Sections of Frozen Bodies," Christian Wilhelm Braune, 1877

Selk'nam, Hain initiation

vintage everyday: The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego: Rare and Haunting Photos of Selk'nam People Posing With Their Traditional Body-Painting

Black crow and white raven. The Crow counsels Apollo's raven  ----The Hague, KB, 74 G 27 .  	 Christine de Pisan, L'Epistre d'Othea Place of origin, date:  Auvergne(?); c. 1450-1475       http://manuscripts.kb.nl/show/manuscript/74+G+27

Dutch collections Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts --white and black ravens