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We are evaluating a blood test being developed to identify children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Researchers want to know if this type of blood test will differentiate children with ASD from children with developmental delays and/or children who are developing normally. Children, 18 months through 3 years old, who show signs of an ASD may be eligible for participation.

Card game "OOPS" to help pre-school students identify numbers 1-30 in preparation for kindergarten! Fun game and so easy!

Emotional animals kids game (Teaching kids about emotions)

Emotional Animals Game-- emotions on one dice, animals on the other. Kids act out whatever they roll.

Ball Drop I saw this on Pinterest and when we put together a playroom for boy for Christmas, my husband helped me make this ball drop using pvc pipe. I put different colored tape around the top of each to match the colors of the ball pit balls we have, so that we can eventually use this to work on identifying colors too!

4 Ways to Easily Determine the Best Books for Your Kids

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