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Astronauts on the International Space Station caught sight of an odd cloud and contrail created by a Russian missile launching into space.

art work is everywhere in life. be observant and creative.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Quand le ciel devient une oeuvre d'art

Julius Robert Mayer: "Thus it is that order is maintained in the Universe — nothing is deranged, nothing ever lost, but the entire machinery,  complicated as it is, works smoothly and harmoniously."  To find out more about the age of the #Universe, read this article and see how old the Universe actually is: http://astronomyisawesome.com/universe/the-age-of-the-universe/

21 Breathtaking Images Of Moon That Will Make You Think If It's Real Or Not

Yup, HIGHLY doubt this is a real picture even though it is said to be. makes me sad! Why can't the real outer space be as colourful as a fake picture like this? :/ --- if it's any consolation, this could be the sky on another planet.

I am a child of God.  Sometimes I am happy, sometimes sad, sometimes hurt, sometimes helpful.  I am many things.  I am always a child of God. Finding and claiming my identity in Christ has been one... Art by Mary Brack

Child of God – activity

I love this idea. You could use it to do the Names of God! Great watercolor study - have them practice different watercolor techniques, cut it out and arrange it, then cut words out of magazines

ELA ~ First Grade: Nice for first grade. Suggestion: create this to be a lesson. (Given a simple verb, the student will use it in a sentence. They will change tenses past and future, repeating the pattern of word/ sentence. Way to compare verb tenses and decorate the classroom at the same time!

Way to compare verb tenses and integrate science and language arts. I would have students write about the water cycle.

FRANSWAZZ: Photo   tornado

I love this picture so much. it shows the amazing structure of a supercell. This must have been an incredible moment for those storm chasers!