writing prompt

The spirit kept leaving threatening messages telling her, "LEAVE THIS PLACE" - which would have been fine and dandy if any of the doors worked.

I don't know about the first part, but the second part sounds pretty interesting...

You decide to take your dog out for a walk around the block at about Nothing strange happens but when you return you find an older man in your house looking at a picture of you. It’s your younger brother, you’ve been gone 23 years.

Oh my gosh this would be so perfect if I did an X and Y anime fanfic. Oh great, now it's stuck in my head...

I would add the word bitch at the end, just to add credibility and personality to the character


Nobody told him.

"You honestly thought your name was just Kit?" His mother stared at him with wide disbelieving eyes, "Kit isn't a name! You're Christopher and you're twenty-one years old, how did you manage to live this long without having to use your legal name?