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My favourite coffee place. Large triple-triple more specifically.

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9 Things Buffalonians Always Take For Granted

9 Things Buffalonians Always Take For Granted

...and every stop in between! <-- Truth. America may run on Dunkin', but Canadians thrive on Timmy's!

canadian meme (applies to us Michigan folk too!)--> I would like to disagree with this but I can't due to the fact that my family stops to get something from timmies at almost every quick stop when we're on road trips


Kindness Once Again Spotted In Canada

How to lose a loyal following?  Inconsistent service in key areas.  For Scott Stratten this was a triple/triple through the drive thru that isn't stirred.  Small things, big loss.  I've learned to sip my coffee before I drive away... same reason.

Tim Hortons coffee, a Canadian staple. They do have Starbucks and plentiful, local cafes.

You know you're Canadian when....does depend on what city. In Toronto. ....both can be packed.

You know you're Canadian when.does depend on what city. In Toronto.both can be packed.--- starbucks makes me sick. my tim hortons loving stomach cannot stomach it.

I'm canadian, i'm always calm - Google Search

Sadly, this is not accurate. I'm an excitable Canadian. Especially around Tim Hortons.