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Ha ha he, what I never do that Mr. Eldest, oops I meant Mr. Snape oh yeah, that's wrong to Mr.-Mr..... Oh, never mind I already will have detention.

Lol , I do this and walk around the halls for about 15 minutes .


Teenager Post so relatable true story funny relatable quotes teen quotes funny quotes funny graphics lol

absolutely! lol!

Sorry, I'm switching from my iPod to an iPhone, so I'm putting a lot of my pics on Pintrest

I have done every.single.one of these things...

Things That You May Have Done In Your Life

You had a good childhood when you did some of these things. I did most of em except 4 and 7 lol. What makes it better when reading it is that when u read it u remember a time u actually did it lol.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.


I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon. Especially on Monday>> I AM BOTH. AT THE SAME TIME!

TP *31044

I skip songs on pandora because I don't think they'll be good and then I end up listening to the song. And it's so good!

I can relate to just about all of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

I can relate to just about all of these ! XD ~Except the one about the lotion. Who wipes excess lotion onto a stranger? *most awkward experience of all time* (maeat)

Some people can't seem to understand that you don't have to open the door to talk


Teenager Post If you knock on my door an I say "yeah" it doesn't mean "Come on in!" it means "stay where you are and state your business.

Teenager Post

Dear Teacher, if the bell doesn't dismiss me, then the bell doesn't decide when I arrive.Case Closed>>>>> Next time a teacher says that the bell doesn't dismiss the class, tell them this.