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Rust might not seem pretty to most people, it still has sort of attraction to me like I'm addicted.

This gives me an idea for polymer clay. Love the colors. Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust (by Janet Little Jeffers)

Jesse Hull “Blue On Black” F644 crystalline glaze base 1 Oxidation fired: ^11.

Jesse Hull “Blue On Black” crystalline glaze base 1 Oxidation fired:

Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This gives me an idea for polymer clay. Love the colors. Mosaic in Turquoise and Rust (by Janet Little Jeffers)

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Interesting rustic image, reminds me of shattered glass/ shattered mirror

"Seattle artist Cassandria Blackmore's ethereal abstractions The shattered glass reflecting light beautifully in every direction. She paints her color washed compositions first on the glass, shatters them, then puts them back together piece by piece.

“When Christians Hurt You” - ..."failure to treat new Christians with the love of Christ can have even more severe effects. The terms “Young” or “newborn” Christians, refer to people who have just recently committed their lives to Christ. Offences...can cause severe emotional, psychological and spiritual pain to new Christians"... (he knew; he didn't care) See  more at: http://wisechristianthinkers.blogspot.com/2013/07/when-christians-hurt-you-by-je-nickerson.html

Noted, AVL: the pattern didn't appear until the break

panicinthestudio:  Stonewar wine jar, guan form with crazed turquoise glaze, gilded copper mouth, Ming or Qing dynasty (1600s)   Inscribed “内府供用”, “For use in the Palace”   Made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, China  Collection of the British Museum, London

Porcellaneous stoneware wine-jar of guan form, with ovoid body. The wine-jar has a gilt copper-bound mouthrim. The wine-jar has finely crazed turquoise glaze.


Herrmann Stolken Porcelain crystalline glaze unique vase

Cremation urn for ashes. This one of a kind urn is stunning to say the least, and will be a perfect tribute to your loved one. The crystals in the glaze form in the kiln in a natural process that occurs at 2000 degrees. The kiln is held at that temperature for several hours in order for the crystals to grow. Since it is a natural process, the size and location of the crystals varies, making this a stunning piece of art. #urnforashes, #cremationurn, #burialurn, #ceramicurnsforashes

Unique night sky urns, handmade by artist, one of a kind, artistic ceramic urns, scattering urns.