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ROMANO - Traditional Brown Real Leather Sofa Couch Set Living Room New Furniture in Home & Garden, Furniture, Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises

Step-by-step instructions on how to tan a hide. This method of tanning leather is low cost and low labor compared to other methods of tanning. Originally published as “Home Tanning Process Preserves Pelts” in the October/November 2001 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

How to Tan a Hide

soy milk, please. hold the whipped cream, too. no animal needs to suffer or die for my consumption. making that decision happens to be better for your health AND better for the environment, too. win x win x win!

Inside the Milk Machine: How Modern Dairy Works

Inside the Milk Machine: How Modern Dairy Works - Modern Farmer - “With the rise of factory farming, milk is now a most unnatural operation.

Even though I've lived in my apartment for almost a year I still haven't finished decorating, a slowness that can be attributed partly to the fact that I change my mind about what I want pretty much constantly. But right now I'm convinced that the perfect thing for that last blank wall would be one of these breathtaking modern mirrors.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, These Are the Most Beautiful Mirrors of All

They're innocent.  They're just babies.  How could anyone think it's okay to bring them into this world for the sole purpose of torturing, murdering, and dismembering them for food, leather, fur, animal testing, etc.?  It's WRONG.

Love animals, don't kill them or support others to do the dirty work for you

Lovely Neat Interior Luxury Residence With an Impeccable Décor by KCD Design Studio

Luxury Residence With an Impeccable Decor: Concerto Apartment by KCD Design Studio

Interior of the amazing log home nestled around Lake Siskiyou, NC.

View our picture gallery of log home living room & loft designs. These areas are the focal points of any log home, used for living, laughing & entertaining

Native American Spirit Mask the he who screams mask hopi indian ritual mask--The Katsinam are manifestations of the real world, the spirits of minerals, game, plants, trees, wind, and the dead. They are summoned through dance to exert their beneficial powers, to help humankind live in harmony with their environment.

Hopi Indian ceremonial masks to auction in Paris An incredible collection of seventy unique ceremonial Hopi Indian masks is set to auction in Paris,.

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Look closely at each cotton plant. There are MANY seeds within each single plant. Using the big, impersonal tactics do not collect the entire plant with seeds intact!

Good quote by Mark Twain. I'm sorry the image is grotesque. It breaks my heart to see, but sometimes we can't turn a blind eye...

Of all the creatures ever made. Man is teh most detestable. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain.