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https://flic.kr/p/G8Mn85 | STUNNING Sydney Dominatrix Miss Miranda Pain

The Fetish police. Miss Miranda Pain in and shot by Kelly Anne Photography

Female Marines And The Official USMC Mascot!

Female Marines Drill Instructors And The Official USMC Mascot! They may look good but they can smoke a Recruits ass in a heart beat.

IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women (Left, right, then, middle) -- Defense Forces

Image result for IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

Image result for IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

Seems like something my brother would like

Post World War II U. army VW Beetle with motorcycle carrier Something to fit millennial hybrids?

Wife Material

spanish police woman Spanish National Police agent image - Females In Uniform (Lovers Group .

Aubrey Olson in Police Women of Memphis- not a fan of the show, or any female cop show, but this is by far the most badass real life woman cop on tv.

Police Women of Maricopa County. She can arrest me and frisk me any day! hahaha Deputy Andrea Penoyer is so cute and funny love her show.

Women Worriors ❤

Good-looking but don't underestimate or disrespect her! *Yes, I know THIS is an actress playing a female LAPD officer. But, the description still holds true of the REAL female LAPD cops I know.

Kansas City Missouri Women Police Officer

Okay I like the idea of this blue shirt for heidi because she steals a prison officer's uniform.

So apparently I’m not your average girl I’m the kind of girl that can dress to the nines if I need to but I could never pass up a good pair a boots and a…

An Open Letter to the Men Who Have and Will Tell Me I Can’t