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Limitless Technology

Limitless Technology

Word Tips & Tricks

A handy resource for beginning, intermediate, or advanced Word users, this six-page guide features helpful time-saving hints so that you can get the most out of

Infographic : The best Microsoft Courses melbourne Infographic

do you want to learn in this class?: In this class I want to learn how to work different softwares as well how to make a proper and persuasive presentation.

excel spreadsheet tips

What you can do with Spreadsheet Inquire

Something I've learned in this class is how to use excel. I've become pretty good a making spreadsheets and enjoy doing it.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer, Audio Engineer, Engineering Humor, Job Career, Dream Job, Audiophile, Engineers, Funny Pics, Brother

why NOT to fall asleep at a sleepover http://ibeebz.com

Funny pictures about Reasons not to drink. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons not to drink. Also, Reasons not to drink photos.


Donald Trump would deport this joke

Funny pictures about How people prank vs. Oh, and cool pics about How people prank vs. Also, How people prank vs.

When a co-worker goes on vacation... @Whitney Clark Clark Bryant, @Carla Gentry Gentry Godfrey, @Rachel Pharris, @Melissa Squires Brown Riley, @Melissa Squires Brown Stieb and @Jill Meyers Meyers Earley Solomon would this be cool to do at the beginning of the year?  he he

When my co-worker goes on vacation...

Planting a garden in a keyboard. Best office prank idea, especially if the co-worker goes on vacation for a week or so. I would use a keyboard that looks like theirs though. That way you don't get into trouble for destroying someone's property.

Chauvet Intimidator Trio LED Moving Head Intelligent Lighting  http://www.justleds.co.za

Chauvet Intimidator Trio LED Moving Head Intelligent Lighting

Chauvet Intimidator Trio Warehouse Resealed is an innovative, LED-powered moving head with beam, wash and effect features. It allows you to seamlessly change from a narrow beam to a wide wash with the motorized zoom.