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I've been through stage 4 kidney failure, loss of muscle control, DVT, and heart, lung, skin, nervous system involvement. I also have diabetes, ulcerative colitis, gastro paresis, psuedo tumour cerebri, PTSD, GAD and a diagnosis of shrinking lung disease of which I'm case number 60 in the world. My only daughter is my greatest blessing. She and my parents care for me, though they are fighting their own illnesses. I am new to Molly's page and cannot wait to learn from it. - Lena

At the age of 27, I was on my way to becoming a successful opera singer. One morning I woke up and passed out due to a fever of 104° and seven different infections. Due to the symptoms of lupus, my dreams of becoming an opera singer were stolen from me. I will fight this disease with everything in me, and I will win. JOIN ME IN MY FIGHT. Molly is a Molly’s Fund Co-Founder #mollysfundfightinglupus #lupus #lupusinformation

I have been suffering from Lupus since 2009, but was correctly diagnosed with it in 2012. I had always been very healthy and very active until 2009, it hit me like a run-away train. My diagnoses is Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Mondor's Disease, and Multiple Connective Tissue Disease. I am still currently fighting to find the right combination of medications to help me get stabilized and I will continue to fight for my life everyday.

I was diagnosed with SLE in December of 2001. I had several miscarriages before being diagnosed. After dealing with the issues, I went through a divorce and became a single mom. I have been lucky I guess, I haven't been hospitalized, probably because I have refused to go to the ER when flaring. My son has gone on this journey with me and has been my reason to keep fighting. ~Lorraine

My name is Dawn & I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2005. After my diagnosis I was confused, scared, and alone. I was a single mother of two and strong as an ox until finding myself in and out of my doctor's office. My life is now about informing everyone about this disease and how it affects people who have it and their loved ones. My eldest daughter tells me that she wants to help find a cure for Lupus when she grows up. If that isn't reason to fight and be strong, then I don't know what is…

"I was diagnosed with lupus in September 2010. I have skin rashes all over my body. My biggest struggle is learning to live with lupus, and accepting the fact there is no cure for this disease. At any time my disease can flare up and cause medical issues. I cope with lupus by going to support groups and talking to other women who suffer from the disease.The support from my doctors, family, friends, and support groups has given me strength and courage to accept my life with lupus." -Danielle

“For me, Lupus means having to monitor every action I take, every choice I make. It often means I am unable to pick up my child, and performing simple tasks seems like I’m climbing Mt. Everest. Lupus means no more children for us and almost losing the one we have due to complications surrounding my illness. If I go out with my husband, will I be able to get out of bed tomorrow? Will I be able to adequately care for our child? A life with lupus is a life with fear.”-Nicole

I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, & friend. I have an incredible support system, including my #1 fan, my hubby! I am blessed to have them! I was diagnosed with SLE 3 years ago, although my Rheumy believes it's been active for 10 yrs. Daily, I live with fatigue, pain & depression. Due to complications, I had to quit working in the medical field and start taking care of myself for once. I am learning it's ok if I don't have energy, cleaning house can wait! I have Lupus, but it doesn't have…

imagine that.....Life with CFS/ME....I do this makes you feel insane X/